About me

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I’m a problem solver and software developer by trade. My experience is broad in the technology I have worked with, from writing embedded software for network protocols to designing applications for web and mobile platforms. It is also broad in methodology and industry. I have worked on complex waterfall projects for a large software business, and I’ve run agile development projects in other sectors.

Now I spend most of my time as a bridge between an organisation and its technology. I try to create plans that take advantage of technology, and free software development teams to deliver their best possible products.

From 2014-2021, I was doing this at the healthy snack start-up graze.com, where I finished as the Chief Technology Officer. Thanks to working with a lot of talented people, I built architecture and processes to help transform a small team running a single subscription business into a multichannel operation supported by several technology products.

I am currently Head of Engineering in the core platform at Kaluza, building the next generation of systems for energy companies, enabling them to offer innovative and more sustainable energy products.

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