Is the web so fragile that one company can take it down?

Today (8 June 2021), many high profile websites were unavailable for around an hour because they were all relying on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) called Fastly that became unavailable. Some headlines said that this was a cautionary tale about the fragility of the web. But is this true? What exactly happened? And what is a CDN anyway?

Should you be concerned about a government ‘data grab’ of your medical records?

The digital world is a bit like the American Old West. There are big opportunities, relatively few regulations and huge resources to be mined. One of these golden data nuggets is your set of medical records. There has recently been a wave of protest from privacy campaigners and GPs themselves about an imminent UK government programme for NHS Digital to copy the bulk of people’s GP medical records into a central database. Most people know that the NHS needs to hold their medical data in some form, so why has this been so controversial?

A software engineering career path

As an engineer, sometimes it’s difficult to see where or how you can progress next in your career. While working at graze, this was my attempt to write down the things I value in engineering, and try to show what career progression can look like. Originally cross-posted from graze.com.

Projects are a performance – design is your rehearsal

When you do a project, you’re putting on a performance. And for a good performance, you need to rehearse to figure out what to do and how to do it. Rehearsals in that sense are a design process. Here’s how Oscar-winning actor and theatre director Sir Mark Rylance helped me understand more about the arts of both performance and project design.


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